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Online spiritual development courses for socially conscious people - including families, networks and institutions - making a difference.

ReMembering Courses

These courses engage with the past-in-the present, giving you the historical, cultural, and theological resources you need to be grounded in your work for peace.

Courses are now open for February Registrations.

Samanvaya and Karma Yoga

An Introduction

As within, so without.

Inner harmony is connected to outer harmony. 

A course for people seeking to shift institutions - and themselves.

co-taught with Ramasubramanian, co-founder of Samanvaya Social Ventures, with over 20 years of success in developing ecosystems for sustainable entrepreneurs in southern India.

Not So Sweet

ReMembering the History of Sugar

A  5 session online course over 5 weeks

 February- March 2019

"The ReMembering for Life Course has had a transformational impact on my work and my family life. I am so grateful for my fellow students, the structure, and the opportunity to make connections." 

- Summer 2017 Course Participant

Climate Change stems from Colonization.

If you don't understand that, you are living out of a dis-membered history.


Join us in a journey back to the traumatic beginning of the modern era:  the mid-15th century and 16th century.


Re-Member the roots of our current social, ecological, and spiritual crises in the origins of colonization.


Delve deeper into the history of the United States of America, your own family history, and the creation of "nature", "  property" and the role of the Doctrine of Discovery in enabling climate change.

ReEnchanting Courses

These courses offer the same amazing small group experiences as do the ReMembering Courses, but they are focused on creative efforts and contemporary activism/mysticism.

The Women's Writing class is open for registration.

"There is an order, a moral order in which men men participate, that gathers up into itself, dimensional fulfillment, limitless in its creativity and design. Whatever may be the pressures to which one is subjected.... one must not for a moment think that there is not an ultimate value always at stake." 

- Howard Thurman, The Negro Spiritual Speaks of Life and Death, p 134-135

Howard Thurman: Ancestor for Our Age

Mystic. Prophet. Theologian. Activist.

The man who traveled to India, met Gandhi,

and helped to translate "satyagraha" and "ahimsa" into the American context,

co-creating the intellectual-spiritual  foundations for the civil rights movement.

As we enter the Anthropocene Age,

Howard Thurman is as relevant now as he was then,

and we all have much to learn from this brilliant preacher.


This 5-session experiential online course is designed to support

theologians, activists, mystics, faith leaders, seekers and teachers

in engaging with one of the most leaders of the last century.

Wondering into Wonder

A Course for Women Writers

To create, give birth to, craft new stories out of the messy stuff of our lives and our cultures is often like putting together a collage: we tear pieces apart, cut around corners, look at it, walk away, look again.

This course supports writers of substantial pieces engaging with difficult histories.


We engage with children's stories, poetry, collage, comix, and other ways of engaging with both the messiness and the magic of our work with all the seriousness of play.

Livelihood Discernment Circles 

Transitioning Self and Society Simultaneously

What if we defined "livelihood" as that which helped us become lively? This is not about finding a "good job." It is about gaining support through the process of discernment for personal and collective livelihoods. Maybe you will become a (spiritual) entrepreneur, or maybe you will land a job in a NGO. This circle, which is part course, part mastermind, supports your process. There is no need to engage in some of the most challenging questions of our times - what is a good livelihood - alone.

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