Sequoia:  The giant trees of California - ancient living history
Samanvaya: Sanskrit for harmony 
Hear cultural change makers like you talk about the impact of taking our courses and building our community!  

crafting regenerative cultures

ReMembering for Life:

a course connecting our ancestors, climate change and colonization

Women Write Wonder:

a course for women writers

Regenerative Economies

Aligning Land Livelihoods and Investments 

After her global journey into  the roots of contemporary social and ecological crises and the possibilities of living in harmony, Sara Jolena Wolott developed Sequoia Samanvaya as a chrysalis to support personal and collective transformation.

We work with people with whom we align. Regenerative cultures can only arise as a whole system, and we work with and forge links between: religious/spiritual leaders, families, small businesses, social enterprises, indigenous communities,

corporates, Family Offices, inheritors, and artists.


Systemic change is necessary for people and the planet. 

There are so many interconnected issues... land, impact investments, emergency preparedness, racism...  What's the strategy that can best enable you to realize your values? 

But before you can even get to the strategy, what is the map you are using? What is the landscape where you are - really?   Where are you - where are we

We simply cannot realize sustainable (or regenerative) values without delving into the deep WHY behind poverty, ecological destruction, racism, and indigenous concerns. We need to engage with the histories of colonization. 


No matter where you are in your journey of crafting regenerative solutions, decolonization, and strategies for the needed systematic socio-economic shifts, we can work with you - from increased awareness to deep embodied and cultural shifts; from emergent strategies to myths and somatic openings to experience-based discernment. 

"I continually take your courses

because they create the space for me to make meaning in a world that increasingly makes little sense to me, to face histories that I didn’t know how to face, and to take steps to become a better ancestor, myself.” 


- Anna Mudd, Harvard Divinity School, Educator and mother of Robin


Strategic Advisor, World Bank India,


Sequoia Samanvaya helps individuals and corporates come to terms with the burden of their history untold, growing their self love, deepening their understanding of the culture and society. When I teach on sustainable strategies and cultural heritage here in India, I site this company as a source of grounded hope in a world often caught in illusion.



Leonard Joy,

Strategic advisor, UNDP,


Sequoia Samanavaya offers the depth of historical and visionary work we need for the societal transformation before us. I consider this company to be one of the most innovative social enterprises I know, with the potential to powerfully impact the needed shift.

Krystina F.,

Midwife, Herbalist,


The ReMembering for Life course (offered by Sequoia Samanvaya) transformed my life.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.


...Sara Jolena does a remarkable job of creating a space where I can show up as myself with all aspects of my identity, which include being a mother, a grassroots midwife working with people to reclaim their power, as someone who has benefited ancestrally from settler colonialism and carries ancestral trauma alike, and as a Muslim.

Regenerative Economies

Culture underpins economics.

Sacred economies honor our earth.

Entrepreneurs. Livelihoods. Land connection: knowledge, ownership and trust. HumanEarth Health.

Eco-system approaches creating new knowledge institutions using emergent strategies prioritizing indigenous knowledge can heal old divides as well as enable better practices. 


 Finding ways to do so with attention to the sacredness of "resources" just might create some big miracles. 

Our future is here, now.

Witnessing us.

"Looking back over the last 9 months, I’m celebrating how I'm living with greater intention and meaning than ever before.


 I attribute so much of this to doing circular calendar work, regular coaching calls with Sara Jolena, and all that I learn from being part of her community.


This new (for me) way of working with time using an earth-centered calendar, along with Sara’s guidance, and a community to learn and develop with, is helping me meaningfully adapt to, and navigate, the turbulence of today's world.”  

Laureen G. Mother, Founder of Healing Our World

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