To Write is to Partake in the

Wonder of Creation.

And creation is messy!

There is no way around it.

And writing can be lonely.

And filled with self-doubt.

To go from random beauty to consistency

from poetry hidden in the bottom drawer

   to being heard in public readings;

from a few sketches and an idea

to a finished essay, a children's book, an article.

there is no need to go on this journey alone.

We lift one another up from the depths.

As we rise, we bring with us the gifts of the depths.  With one another we share the burden. To one another we give the courage necessary to keep giving.


Join Us

Women Write Wonder

An Online Course for Women Writers

comic books - memoirs - poetry - children's books - essays

New Writers - Established Writers

You with a burning need to share your stories

You who seek to lift up your sisters

You are welcome here.

Testimonials and further information

"The class empowers the writer recognizing and validating that so much of the writing process happens before and beyond the page. Sara Jolena fosters a community of compassion and support where writers find their own strength and voice through a process of cultivating strength and craft in others.


These women have become a mirror in my life, shining back at me with critical feedback, love and worldly advice."

- Rachel P.

"Sara Jolena

is gifted...

.... in creating safe spaces where ideas may incubate and develop, and communities of heart-centered Creatives who help one another midwife their dreams into reality.


I never considered myself a writer, and felt
daunted by the task, yet something urges me to enable it's expression.

In this class, I felt wrapped in care, held, supported and amplified by a
community of souls responding to the need of our times."

-Laureen G.

3 months of

community support

Live classes to discuss your writing every 2 weeks for 3 months (total of 6 sessions)

Monday September 9 - November 18

7:30 - 9pm EST on zoom

Initial modification of schedule to meet participant's needs is possible

Each woman brings her own writing project.

I work with you individually to discern your writing project and then to create a structure during our time together that will support you bring your creation into the world.

Craft your writing with

"pastoral editor"

Sara Jolena

My first writing prize was for a mystery story:  I was 12 years old. Since then, I've published  prose, poetry, book chapters, academic articles, essays, missives and multi-media in a range of spaces.  I'm currently working on my first book that connects climate change, colonization, spirituality, and my own family history.

While obtaining my Masters in Divinity at Union Theological Seminary, I had the opportunity to take courses at the Columbia School of Journalism. I quickly became one of the most listened to editors: New York Times editor and our professor, Sam Freedman, dubbed me  a "pastoral editor." He possibly coined the phrase specifically for me. He was referencing my unusual capacity to hear and speak to the soul of the work that is trying to emerge from the author, and to know what to say - what edits to make - in order to enable the true writing to emerge.  It is that capacity that keeps writers working with me.


I create supportive communities to foster your growth.  I will also, as necessary, bring a scalpel on your writing. I will cut through whatever unnecessary layers you may have put upon it to expose the jewel that I sense beneath if I deem it necessary. Because your reader and our world deserves the best writing you can create.

We take publishing your work seriously. We will work with you through the process.

So much more than a class

"Have no doubt in your mind that in entering this space you enter a safe, inspiring, and comprehensive course that can result in publication.


And it is so much more than a class, going beyond writing praxis and skill to address meaning and calling as writers."

- Isabel M.

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