A Virtual Ashram

for Regenerative Cultures


a place of practice;

deepening relationships;

seeking truth

For Gandhi, the Ashram was a place "for our activities to carry on the search for Truth and develop Fearlessness."

Today, we take that vision

into the online and offline space

To grow ourselves into the beings

creating patterns

seeking truth, courageous actions, and song

Interfaith - Cross-cultural - InterSpiritual

Sacred Homescapes- Sacred Landscapes


Storytelling- Music - Arting

Education - Governance - Research

Institutional Re-Structuring - Purpose Finding

Rituals - Truth-seeking - Community

Talking Circle on Regenerative Cultures

Celebrating 150th year anniversary

October 2, 2019

11am-1pm EST

on Zoom

A global conversation on regenerative cultures

In honor of the 150th year anniversary of Gandhi

Totally Free, Donations Appreciated

Thoughts and questions will be sent out via email on Sept 30

Co-hosted by Sara Jolena Wolcott and Ramasubramanian

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