Offerings, aka "Solutions" or "Consulting"  and Research

We offer boutique consulting services that derive from our unique capacity to make connections and to reMember and reEnchant our world.   Core to our work is knowledge creation and supporting knowledge sharing platforms that can lead to regenerative societies. Our clients share that long-sighted purpose. 

Integrated Analysis

Current problems - from air pollution in India to the health care crisis in the United States - can't be solved through just a few people talking to one another. Systemic, integrated analysis is necessary to connect the dots, the ideas, the people, the places and the diverse ways of knowing that are already present. The solution is often already there: but silo-ized approaches keep us from seeing it. 

New Knowledge 

Innovation and New Knowledge: easier said than done? We are creative problem solvers, unafraid of delving into the complexities of culture, religion, spirituality, science, agriculture, water systems, earth wisdom, institutional governance, technology, multi-media, and art in the process of co-creation. 

Long term shifts.

 "Mountain top experiences" of great revelation are great - until you get home. How do we integrate "ah-hah" moments with  day to day life and business to enable real change? I've become super curious about processes, in-your-life learning, and structures that can sustain us sustaining new sustainabilities. 


We can co-create with you to design them. 

Below are some of our current projects.

Alaya project

Connecting Science, Spirituality and Farmer's Knowledge in a transdisciplinary research project to address air pollution impacting the Himalayas

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