Sacred Space

Our Earth is Sacred.


Sequoia Samanvaya nurtures spiritual communities.


Including our own

slowly growing multi-faith congregation.


We  meet online - via zoom - and we occasionally gather together in person.

To learn more, contact Reverend Sara Jolena.

Worship Design and Rituals

We offer worship design, rituals, and ceremonies

These are essential for adaptation to climate change ..... and for the flourishing of the human spirit. We work across and within faith traditions. We aim for a de-colonizing approach that is culturally sensitive.

Working with sacred spaces and the communities who love them around the world to deepen into a better relationship with our Creator in the midst of a transforming society.

Working with small groups meeting to address the violence of the world through their spiritual/religious traditions and innovations.


Some groups meet within one spiritual tradition, sometimes they meet across and between multiple faith traditions.

We meet with such circles and strengthen them through creating  teachings, rituals, and learning journeys based on the questions and needs of the group. So far, most of this work has been with women who already meeting together, often informally.

Participants have repeatedly called these context-specific gatherings, "transformational."

It is from these groups that emerging deepenings into integral ecology/spiritual ecology/eco-theology can and are happening.

Help us help you and your "circle": contact us!

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