Regenerative Economies 

The current economic system doesn't work for either people or planet. 

So what's next? 

The answer to that question will best arise from the lives, enterprises, ceremonies, and relationships  with those innovators  working creatively with culturally appropriate livelihoods. Many self-define as  Indigenous communities.  All are asking  powerful questions, and seeking learning communities. 

We are sharing learnings, spiritual teachings, creating platforms for exchanges, and capacity building, distilling, journeying together. 

Learning Together

Powerful South-South learning dialogues 

Might indigenous-led enterprises and initiatives benefit from learning from the sustainable livelihoods, including agriculture, forests and fabric, from India? That was a question we came to NEXUS in Quito, Ecuador with in October 2019. We were part of the international perspective incorporated into the Rights of Nature Economy workshop hosted by our friends at JumpScale.

"Yes" was the enthusiastic response.

 And the learning is mutual.

Our common home: Where our heart is. 

Finding pathways to livelihoods to enable multiple generations of species to remain in our home.


It means supporting the sovereignty of the caretakers of 80% of the world's biodiversity: indigenous peoples.

"Support" includes learning from.

The Backstory: 

From Across the World

Sara Jolena met Ramasubramanian (Ram)

 while she was working on integrated water and health projects in Tamil Nadu, India.  The two started a laughter-filled conversation and a friendship that has enhanced both of their work, despite and because of differences in time zones, space, culture, faith, and gender.  


Ram has acted as a thought partner in the development of and a participant in Sequoia Samanvaya's educational

offerings. In 2018, Sara and Ram started integrating  their work with ancient wisdom traditions across the world via the "Indian to Indian" dialogues.  We are now increasingly partnering around initiatives for global learning. 


Ram brings two decades of experience, success and stories from creating sustainable ecosystems for regenerative cultures (especially education, livelihoods, organic markets/safe food and rural development).  


Ram's work is showcased in his Rooted In Harmony website.  

Joyful Economies

"I stopped buying cotton when I learned about the horrible things Monsanto was doing to the farmers and the farmland in India.  

To now hold and receive this cotton bag, and to know it was created by women  who are paid well, using traditional organic cotton , it just makes my heart sing. 

I will use this beautiful bag to carry my medicine. " 

- Oona Chaplin 

With Ramasubramanian in Ecuador

Bag made by

Makers Cart, Tamil Nadu, India

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