Students, collaborators, colleagues offer testimonials about working with us....

"Sara Wolcott brings a depth of spirit and a wealth of knowledge to her work. She connects with her students and her teaching is clear and inspiring. Her writing is accessible as well as authoritative. Her understanding of the connections between eco-spirituality and oppression that she is bringing out through Sequoia Samanvaya enlightens and informs all of us."

                                                                    - Shelley Tanenbaum, Director, Quaker Earthcare Witness

"Sara is a deeply inspiring thinker, innovator and activist for spiritual growth and cultural progress. Sara has inspired me for many years by her originality, energy, abiding concerns for humanity and our common planet. It is wonderful to see her finally bringing the power of her creativity and original thinking into the world through Sequoia Samanvaya. Her work and integrity are most highly recommended. "

                                                             - Richard Morgan, International Policy Director at Plan International

"With Sequoia Samanvaya, Sara Jolena Wolcott is shaping new knowledge pathways that lead to impacting actions and thereby changing the status quo. All of us know that the continuation of the way things are, they are not going to make any difference or changes to the world. The imminent challenges to the planet as a whole that today impacts individual lives as well, are created by actions that are driven by certain formulation of knowledge deeply seated in human and community insecurities and their choice to overcome them. These includes control, colonization, surveillance State, centralized commerce, standardized lives and mono-cropped identities. Over the past 500 years, our knowledge pathways have been defined by these choices that people made. New knowledge pathways have to emerge from a space that are not bound by these formulation while being informed of the pitfalls of these. Sara is creating these new pathways through her courses, lectures, rituals and consulting services. As an Entrepreneur, she has taken a courageous step to move against the current in establishing a business that encourages others to move counter-current and survive, draw from her strength and that of others and move forward in creating a change that many desire today. "


                                         - Ramasubramanian, Chief Director, Samanvaya Social Ventures and the Dharma Institute

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