When we gifted our friend Oona Chaplin, this bag, she immediately said, Oh this is so beautiful - I'm going to use it to carry my medicine! Along with being a remarkable actress, she carries medicines - herbs, tinctures, oils, lotions, and other medicinal plants with her as she travels the world. 

And this bag, with its three zipped pockets and its clever, fold-over design, is perfect for small treasures, be they cell phones, chargers, or tinctures.  

What small treasures might you bring into the world?


The plants who contributed their energy to this bag are Tumeric (Manjal in Tamil) and East Indian Rosewood (Pathimugam in Tamil).  Less well known in America than Tumeric, Pathimugam is known as a purifier than curb kidney disorders - and this rose-tinted color is just gorgeous!

Bag of Treasures

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