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Samanvaya just released their 2017 images/review/record.

This year, the report has a GREAT (and inspiring) visual layout that you might well enjoy! So check it out!

I'm also including a summary of our work this year here:

Milestone, 2017: Samanvaya Consulting got re-organized as Samanvaya Social Ventures Pvt Ltd. mid-way during 2017, bringing fresh energy and scope of activities

Main Activities 2017:

  • Continued facilitating and managing of the Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI), Auroville

  • Launching the Contemporary Gandhi programme at Indian Institute of Technology, SriCity

  • Compiling and Publishing Status Report on the implementation of Forest Rights Act (FRA) in Tamilnadu

  • Setting up of an Environmental Research & Advocacy (ERA) group in Chennai

  • Launching a new initiative to incubate and consult for the Farmer Producer Organization (FPO)

  • Coming Up 2018: Incubate and mentor at least 5 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) and 5000 farmers in

  • Tamilnadu; launch the unique Barefoot Management Consultant programme to train local youth on becoming management supporters for Farmer Producer Organisations

  • Facilitating the programmes and launch of the unique knowledge platform Dharma Institute

  • in collaboration with the School for Practical Sustainability, Cape Town

  • Continue to support and facilitate the expansion in operation and scope of SLI, Auroville

  • Offer courses on Contemporary Gandhi and Performing Arts at IIIT, SriCity and other technology institutions

  • Continue to manage and maintain the ERA effort in Chennai

  • Facilitating the launch of the unique knowledge platform and engagement Alaya along with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany

  • Perspective building and mentoring of livelihood efforts in norther Sri Lanka

And- just as it is a bit confusing - Sequoia Samanvaya, which has a US-focus and base, is officially separate from Samanvaya Social Ventures, which has an Indian-focus and base. However, we collaborate on projects and just generally share a lot, and make use of each other's resources and expertise as needed for different initiatives. Sara Jolena is part of "their" consulting team. So while we are separate, we also overlap.

Image: The farm in South India that will be a future base of Samanvaya Social Ventures and the Dharma Institute.

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