"Deny Me Nothing of Myself"

"I will not deny

my lips their smile I will not deny my heart its sorrow I will not deny my eyes their tears I will not deny my hair the wildness of my age It is profound selfishness I will deny me nothing of myself. - Alice Walker "There's also this to see: They will live on, they will increase no longer pawns of time. They will grow like the sweet wild berries the forest ripens as its treasure. Then blessed are those who never turned away and blessed are those who stood quietly in the rain. Theirs shall be the harvest, for them the fruits. They will outlast the pomp and power of lawmakers, whose meanings will crumble. When all else is exhausted and bled of purpose, they will lift their hands, they have survived." - Rilke, Book of Hours Not turning away At least not very much just a tad just enough to see the periphery


Not turning away from the pain

from the

wildness within us I am blessed even now I am joyful even now I hear you crying though your eyes are dry you can't fool me you know because I've disappeared enough times to know the tricks at least some of them maybe its not about better or worse or good or bad its just what it is -

change -

may it all be


towards greater healing - love so much love even after the fall love never left how could it? when it is embedded in sorrow and tears and wildness and our shared


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