Not So Sweet:

ReMembering the History of Sugar

Sara Jolena's father, Robert Kent Wolcott, lived with diabetes for over 20 years. He was a fighter and loved life, as shown in this picture of him 2 days before he passed away from complications of diabetes.  

My father died from complications of diabetes. I now live in the south Bronx, where 1/3 of my neighbors have diabetes. So the history of sugar is not an intellectual exercise. This history impacts our families and our communities today.


Health inequalities have a history, and knowing it will empower your work.


Hunger - and obesity - comes from somewhere.  

ReMembering the History of Sugar is an online course taught in 5 lessons over 5-weeks. The course connects: Colonization, Climate Change/ecological destruction, Health Inequalities, Family Histories, and Sugar.

For Health Professionals and Concerned People

From  Slavery ...

      To Tea ...

To Health Crises...

We live in a world shaped by sugar.

The legacies of sugar are the legacies of slavery and colonization. 

The history of sugar is closely connected to the history of climate change... and global hunger and malnutrition today.

Social and ecological health connections go far deeper than most of us realize.

Our family histories and our nation's history is part of larger ecological history that reveals core dimensions of health concerns today.

"Growing sugar cane may have done more damage to wildlife than any other single crop on the planet."

- World Wildlife Fund, 2005

Course Details

5 Lessons over 5 weeks

Group calls 1/week starting the week of January 8


Each week you meet with your small group online to discuss the material: this advances your learning through strengthening your community.

Change your relationship with Sugar

And the deep roots of hunger and other health disparities

Leave with connections

to help your clients and your community

engage with the bloody history of the sugar cane plant

to which we remain addicted.

Heading 5

As in other courses taught by Sara Jolena, this ReMembering course offers:

Sara Jolena teaching her flagship program on colonization and Climate Change,  ReMembering for Life, on zoom.

  • Your very own History of Sugar Workbook designed especially for this course

  • Somatic awareness of embodied histories

  • Structured guidance through complex histories

  • Community.

  • Lectures, music, and (short) reading materials

  • Guidance in working through historical trauma

  • Support in translating history into contemporary challenges

  • Connections - intellectual, social, ecological, familial, health,  and meaning-filled

  • A spiritual process


Contact us

  to discuss how this course

can support  you and your communities!

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