Dark Moon Reflection

In the Darkness

Gather Listening Hearts

Collective Sense-Making

What is Emerging?

March 6, 8-9:30pm EST interactive online sacred space via zoom. 

$15-$50 donation, including Lunar Reflection Worksheet.

Sign up below and we will send you the zoom link and the worksheet.

Dark Moon Reflection

Dark Moon, quiet moon, the time to reflect on what was and sense into the movement being birthed.

Our 90 minute zoom call creates a sacred space to

support personal and collective sensemaking.

Part ritual, part workshop, and entirely deep listening, attune yourself and our community to the dynamic changes and promptings of Spirit.

Part of our ongoing work, led by Sara Jolena,

to re-connect time and space through circles

mirroring cosmic cycles and collective intentions.

Please spend at last 45-60 minutes prior to the workshop

going through the worksheet.