Circling through time ....


Living in the Fullness of Time

2019 Solar Reflection

2010-2020 Decade Reflection

At this time of transition

Bend Time

Find Patterns

What is Life asking of you? 

Harmonize - Sacralize  - Actualize

As our precious blue Earth circles Sun

her climate  is increasingly 'abnormal'.

As we transition into this incrediably precarious decade

Take time to learn a new way 

of working with time. 

Excavate the past year/decade

Find patterns

Circular Calendars

An Ancient Temporal Technology

ReCrafted for Contemporary Chaos

As we enter 2020, we offer: 

1. The 2019 Annual Circle Through Time Reflection

2. The 2010-2020 Decade Circle Through Time  

Each includes an online Liminal Time Session:

Part workshop. Part ritual. Part Discernment.

Part Alignment Circle.

Collective pattern sensing.

How It Works:

Choose either the Annual (2019) or Decade Reflection.

There is no need to do both.

For the 2019 Reflection: 

Receive your workbook

Reserve time for the tentative live zoom session:

Thursday January 30, 2020, 3:15pm 

Go through the self-paced course - through your year

Bring your findings and your questions

to our online Liminal Time gathering

Engage in collective pattern sensing and discernment

Support others. Be Supported.   

Circular Calendars: Aligning with planetary cycles

Circular Calendars are amongst the most ancient and time-tested ways of keeping time.

They work because they are aligned with the natural cycles of the planet.

The Universe is not a straight line.

Space Curves

Planets rotate

Seasons change

And so does your life.

The Gregorian calendar, conceptualized in boxes and straight lines, does not capture this.

This is not just about the aesthetics, although the aesthetics matter.

It is also a historical instrument of colonization, and unsuited for our times, when we need deep alignment, reflection, and connection with the wisdom of one another and the planet.

Our Circling Through Time programming has been leading people in solar  reflections (once a year at the turn of the year) and lunar reflections every New Moon.

These tools, practices and process we have been developing are bringing participants into greater grounding, creativity, relaxation, community, clarity and harmony. 


Using a circular calendar helped me see patterns in my life that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. It's inherently a more natural and spiritual process than using a traditional calendar. It's a great tool for reflecting on and then re-imagining how we want to live our lives and where we want to put our energy. 

Hayley H., Artist and Quaker organizer

Everything about this process - the workbook, the sessions, the community, Sara Jolena's insights, and the incrediable warmth and strength we garnered are is am has helped me. Months after participating in the Annual Circling Through Time Ritual, I am still using circular calendars and they are helping me to see the patterns in my garden, my client's lives, and in my family's life.

Krystina.F. - herbalist and midwife

  • Ground

  • Learn

  • Reflect

  • Enter Sacred Space

  • Join Community

  • Make Meaning

  • Synthesize

  • Receive Support

  • Harmonize

  • Strategize

  • Actualize

But it is already 2020! Should I still do the 2019 reflection? 

Absolutely! Lots of people just don't have time pre- New Years to do the reflection they want to do. 


The current lunar cycle goes from December 25 2019- January 24 2020. The entirety of January is thus a GREAT time for reflection and planning! 


Circular Time Reflection

What a decade! 

Move into the new one better prepared by sifting through and sensing the patterns of the past 10 years. 

10-year periods invite greater time for reflection than 1 year cycles. 

This unique offering includes: 

  • Workbook for the decade reflection

  • Some amazing questions for your reflection

  • Self-paced process

  • 1 zoom open discussion session: Friday January 10 (full moon)

  • 1 zoom Liminal Time Session for closing out 2010-2020; Thursday January 30, 2020

If you are taking the Decade Reflection, you DO NOT need to do the annual reflection. 

Returning Circle Time Participants: $25

First Time Registration: $55