Sara Jolena is available for workshops and speaking engagements that create connections between:

ReMembering and ReEnchanting
Colonization and climate change; race and place
Human and ecological violence and peace-making
Religion/Spirituality and multi-faceted crises
Family history, historical trauma, ecological changes, and healing
The history of Sugar, Climate Change and Diabetes
The role of art/music/dance/spirituality in climate change adaptation
Eco-feminism, eco-theology/integral ecology, and institutional transformations
Sovereignty and Satyagraha
Other members of the Sequoia Samanvaya Network are also available for speaking engagements and workshops along related topics.


Recent Speaking Events

Samanvaya Dialogues

Sara Jolena and Ramasubramanian offer a series of workshops on Samanvaya

At the

College of the Atlantic

From Colonization to Community

Sara Jolena's talk on deColonization at the Media Transition Town potluck gathering Monday, May 21, 2018 in Media, Pennsylvania, along with artist Arla Patch, was rich! One of the outcomes was that transition town Media started talking about transforming Columbus Day into Indigenous People's Day as part of their overarching, "change the story" work in a Transition Town that is well-known for its ongoing efforts in creating a clean, inclusive economy in Media, PA.  

Global Peace Rising

Global Peace Rising is a multi-faith event that has been hosted in different parts of the country for the past 4 years. This year (Saturday, May 26) it was co-hosted by the Ramapaugh community in Mahwah, New Jersey. on Saturday, May 26, 6-8pm. The event's founder was one of my former ReMembering students, Shahina Lakhani and I was honored to share the night with Chief Dwaine Perry, Clara Soaring Hawk (Deer Clan), Rabia Terry Harris, Rev Katryn Torea and political organizer Nick Mottern.  I spoke on what my 1-1 healing practice of over 17 years which often leaves people saying that they feel "peaceful" have to teach us about the overarching process of peace-building, especially given the legacies of colonialism!

Don't Forget to ReMember: the historical connections between climate change and human violence

Hosted by Maryland United for Peace and Justice (MUPJ) on Sunday June 10, 2:30-5pm  at Adelphi Friends Meetinghouse, this ReMembering workshop engaged deeply and creatively with the relationship between climate change and human violence. We started with a brainstorming session about how the participants understood both the physical and the conceptual links between the two areas, and then moved into the history of how those connections came to be.

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Speaking at the St Francis Forum on Ecological Justice and Service to Vulnerable Communities  was a real delight. Along with an array of other interfaith speakers and parish-level friars, we took inspiration from Pope Francis' Encyclical to delve into the connections between poverty, justice and climate change.  After the interfaith gathering, we met with policy makers in multiple US State departments, including the Department of Justice and the Department of Forestry.

Key to our discussion were spaces for faith communities and policy makers to collaborate, as well as parish-level action plans.

In this image, I was reading from Pope Francis' Encyclical during the Blessing of the livestock and the land. Behind me is the key organizer of the gathering, Father Michael Lasky. Throughout the ceremony, the cows were watching us with great interest and attention!

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